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Expert Witness in Electrical Engineering

Areas of Expertise

Litigation Expertise

  • Electrical Accidents, Incidents and Failures

  • Electrocution and Electrical Contact

  • Electrical Shock and Arc Flash Injuries

  • Electrical Fire and Explosion (Hazardous Locations)

  • Electrically Produced Falls, Slips, Trips, Injuries and Death

  • Electrical Safety & Safe Work Practices

  • National Electric Safety Code (NESC) Practices

  • National Electric Code (NEC) Practices

  • Clearances and Safety of Overhead Power Lines & Underground Facilities

  • Design of Distribution, Substation & Transmission Systems

  • Electric Utility (Power Company) Practices, Policies & Procedures

  • Electrical Equipment Design, Failure & Malfunctions

  • Power Quality, Reliability, and Maintenance Technology

  • Electrical Surges, Lightning Protection, TVSS

  • Service Interruptions, Outages, Blackouts, Brownouts

  • Property Damage / Equipment Damage

  • Product Liability - Design & Application

Engineering Expertise

  • Electric Power Distribution Systems:
    Electric Utility (T&D), Industrial, Manufacturing
    Facilities, Hospital, Commercial, Residence
    High Voltage, Medium Voltage & Low Voltage / AC & DC
    Design, Construction, Operation, & Maintenance of Electric Power Systems
    National Electric Safety Code (NESC) Practices
    National Electric Code (NEC) Practices
    Substation, Transmission & Distribution System Design (T&D)
    Overhead Power Lines / Underground Distribution / URD
    Overvoltage Protection (Lightning / Surge Suppression / TVSS)
    Grounding: Systems, Equipment, Grids, SRG (ADP Rooms)

  • Power System Studies:
    Short Circuit / Fault Calculations / Coordination
    Relaying, Motor Starting, Voltage Drop, Flicker
    Harmonics, Load Flow, Power Factor, Arc Flash Hazard
    Network Grid System Modeling & Analysis
    Engineering Economics / Cost Analysis

  • Power Quality / Energy Management:
    Computer Grade / Clean Power
    Energy Efficiency & Conservation
    Demand Side Management

  • Reliability / Maintenance Technology:
    PM, PdM, RCM, CBM, TPM
    Mission-Critical Facilities
    Data Centers & Server Farms
    Emergency & Standby Generation Systems

  • Equipment Design:
    Generators, Transformers, Motors, UPS's, Cable
    Reclosers, Breakers, Sectionalizers, Relays, Fusing
    Switchgear, Panelboards, Capacitors, Filters, Arresters
    Wiring, Splices, Connectors, Pole-Line Hardware

  • Quality Assurance & Control:
    Plant Inspections, Surveillance, and Audits
    Material Receipt Inspections
    QA/QC Procedures Designed and Implemented
    Project Management


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