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Expert Witness in Electrical Engineering

Expert Witness, Forensic & Litigation Services

Forensic & Litigation Services for Attorneys (Plaintiff or Defense), Utilities, Manufacturers, Facilities, Insurance Companies, Individuals. Available to participate in Trial, Arbitration and Mediation cases, and as expert advisors empanelled by the court. No geographic limits in USA.

  • Expert Witness Testimony at Deposition and Trial
  • Articulate, Accurate, and Believable Testimony
  • Trial Preparation & Trial Exhibit Services
  • Forensic Engineering & Failure Analysis
  • Engineering Assessment of Evidence
  • Engineering Evaluation of Technical Merits of Case
  • Electrical Accident Investigation and Accident Reconstruction
  • Determination of Cause and Origin of Loss
  • Electrical Code Compliance & Application (NESC, NEC, NFPA, OSHA)
  • Review of Applicable Codes, Interpretations, Statutes, and Industry Standards & Practices
  • Assistance In Case Development, Interrogatories, Depositions and Trial Questions
  • Consulting To Determine Veracity of Allegations & Develop Strategies
  • Technical Literature Research and Analysis
  • Analysis of Findings and Opinion / Oral and Written Reports
  • Thorough Documentation In Easy-To-Understand Language

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